Student Ombudsman

PhD DSc Eng Dominik Strzałka, Assoc. Prof.

Student Ombudsman

Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszów University of Technology is the largest technical university in Podkarpacie region. In accordance with its mission, it provides world-class education and research, taking into account the needs of the economic and social environment, ensuring a friendly working and development atmosphere for students and staff. The task of our University is also education and upbringing of graduates as well as creation of attitudes of students, PhD students and post-graduate students in the spirit of respect for human rights, patriotism, sensitivity, respect, tolerance, responsibility and reliable performance of their duties, which, combined with adequate competences and skills acquired in the process of teaching, allows to achieve success.

Rzeszów University of Technology is a university that has always put and will continue to put the interests of its students as the highest good of the university. With this in mind, as of October 1 2021, the institution of a Student Ombudsman was established. The Ombudsman’s most important tasks include defending the rights of all persons studying at Rzeszów University of Technology, mediating in situations of dispute and conflict, upholding students’ rights, intervening in cases of violation of students’ rights and taking preventive measures to increase awareness of students’ rights and duties.

If you feel that anyone violates the rights of students and doctoral students at our University, you are in a difficult situation related to the course of your studies, your voice is ignored in matters important to Rzeszów University of Technology, you are welcome to contact the Student Ombudsman.

Bearing in mind the good of our University and the possible difficult nature of the matters under consideration, we emphasise that:
The Ombudsman does not deal with cases reported anonymously.
You can submit your complaint in writing, verbally or electronically.

Please note, however, that while the Ombudsperson provides assistance in difficult and complex cases involving conflicts and violations of students’ rights and dignity, they do not deal with typical issues related to the process of applying for scholarships, places in student dormitory, enrolment in specialisations, or changes to class timetables.

Decrees His Magnificence the Rector of PRz:

If your issue is of a typical course-related nature then:

  1. Look for verified information in the Academic Regulations, on the websites of our University, check the study plans and programmes, read the information published on the notice boards of the deaneries.
  2. Ask other students for help. Ask the class representative.
  3. Through the class representative, direct your enquiry to the year supervisor.
  4. Come to the office of the dean responsible for your course; together you will look for a solution.
  5. Get help from the student and faculty councils.

Tasks of the Student Ombudsman

The most important tasks of the Ombudsman are:

Student Ombudsman Rights

The Ombudsman is a representative of students who has the right to:

Responsibilities of the Student Ombudsman

The Ombudsman, as a student representative, has a duty to: